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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A few of my favorite things..............

I truly love the look of yesterday, and thing that has been handed down from our parents or grandparents is truly a treasure. I do enjoy shopping around for that special vintage treasure that would fit nice in my home but the true keepsakes are the ones from past generations.  The picture above is of Charlie's parents on their wedding day and the mustache cup was my grandfathers.  A rose placed here and there gives the vignette a special vintage look.   The other picture will show a cup and saucer that belonged to a set of dishes my mother had when I was a little girl.  The picture is the one of my mother when she was a young lady' it is the same picture that is in my header.  I love the little tea set that I got at an antique store a few years ago.
An  old oil lamp adds a touch of yesterday to my little cottage.  I have an old chair that sits on my front porch that has a bouquet of roses that says welcome any Amelia Rose Cottage.
From the picture of our bedroom above you can see my favorite color is red, I mixed black and white with the red to tone down the color just a little.  The white furniture shows up well with the red back grown.
 Charlie and I are now at our summer place on Lake Erie.   I will post about my other little cottage on the lake.   Please come back soon and visit me.
  Till later...........Sharon K


  1. A wonderful post and such a pleasure to look at, so fresh looking.

    Have a wonderful day.


  2. Looks like your favorite things are mine too!!

    Pretty photos!

    bee blessed

  3. Everything is so beautiful !

  4. First, let me apologize for taking so long to come visit you.... After you left a comment in my blog. [Yes, we share the 'Amelia' name in our blogs] I really try to get to people, who comment in my blogs, quickly. I am so sorry for this happening.... My taking so long to pop in.

    Oh my gracious, what beautiful wall paper. Along with everything else, of course.

    And I too, love the look of yesterday.

    Gentle hugs...

  5. Oh dear, I nearly didn't get my comment to show up, in your blog comments! Because I forgot you have Word Verification Setting turned on. And nearly didn't "do" it [Word Ver]. -sigh-

    See, I know we need to protect our blog comments, from SPAM and weirdness. But I also *hate* to have to do Word Verification. [And I just nearly didn't make my comment publish, because of it] So a lot of us are using Comment Verification.

    We all read our comments. With Comment Verification setting on, I just read my comments, when Blogger notifies me that a comment has come in, and before I Publish them. That way, everyone is safe. :-)

    -I read my comments.

    -No SPAM or weirdness gets into my blog comments.

    -No reader of my blog, get caught by click-able links to SPAM or to weird blogs/sites.

    -And I don't have to make my readers do the Word Verification thing.

    And also, some people don't come back to blogs which make them do Word Verification. I don't like to do that, without telling the blog owner, about this issue first. Please don't take offense at my saying this.

    Gentle hugs...

  6. Really Touching Post....
    And Nostalgic too..
    Have great time!!!

  7. Hi Sharon,
    Thank you for visiting and leaving a sweet comment. Hope you had lots of fun on photofunia...did you get addicted? haha

    That photo of your mother is gorgeous...I love how you included it in your header too.

    Nice meeting you and I hope you have lots of fun here in blogland...there are some wonderful people out here.

    Have a wonderful weekend~


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