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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

When Autum Leaves Are Falling. .... Decorating became easy

      Hi to all my friends and family, I hope you will visit me often at my little cottage. It is the fall of the year, the leaves are changing on the tree's, it is a kaleidoscope of beautiful colors and a very welcomed season after the very long hot summer we had in Ohio.
    The picture above is from last year, it is the small tree that I use to change for the seasons, but now has become my Amelia Rose tree that sits in our bedroom all year long.  I will show that picture later.
  We live on a golf course and have a small pond behind us, I am watching for the tree's to change color as I sit in my sun room in the morning with a cup of hot tea.
  What I like to do with the change of seasons is add leaves and fall flowers or tulip's  to what I have all ready siting around the house.   As December approaches I will then add my Christmas decorations.     Seasonal decorating just became a whole lot easier if you try this little decorating trick..
 This is a wreath I have on the door all summer with geraniums, in the fall of the year I add my leaves and a few fall decorations and I now have my fall wreath.     I hope you all have a good Au tum day  with pumpkins in the corn fields and leaves of rust and scarlet   Nothing is as pleasant as an Autumn day.
           Be back real soon.                      Love you guys,
                                                                Sharon K


  1. I love visiting your blog it's so refreshing and the pictures are awesome

    Take care.

  2. HI Sharon,

    Thanks for stopping by - it's good to see you back! Your photos are lovely - I'm enjoying the vicarious view from your window!

    Have a wonderful week!


  3. a very interesting blog, please visit my blog too ... thank you


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