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Monday, July 12, 2010

Bloggerette Sorority Give A Way............

    A big welcome to all the sisters who are now one in the Bloggerette Sorority, what a wonderful idea Karen, of Some Days Are Diamonds blog had when she formed the sorority and welcomed all of us who enjoy the fellowship we have formed through out the U. S. and the world.     What started out as a small idea formed in to a family of women who enjoy writing and of course taking pictures, sharing ideas, recipes, and craft ideas.  We all enjoy our families, sharing family pictures, and special occasions but the one thread that keeps us together is decorating our house that then becomes a home.

         I think most of us enjoy the vintage look, the cottage look or the good old country look in our homes  through this form of technology we can look in to each others homes and get new ideas and most of all  get inspired to try new and different ideas.        What fun we will have while on this venture and to celebrate the new formed sorority I would like to have a sorority sisters give a way.
              So now I can say you know the rest of the story.  I told you to come back and I would have another chapter to share with you, the treasures in the give a way are things that I have enjoyed.
  The picture of the roses is from a shop in the Sandusky Ohio area, the small silver frame holds a picture of a lady from another era, on her wedding day.   The vase holds one single rose that tells a love story and the angel sits in a special area of my home.  The bottle has a vintage look that I have enjoyed for ever.   All together they spell ( Give A Way ) 
       So from me to you .......  I would love to pull your name out of the basket next  Tuesday July 20th.and send my treasures to your home where they will find a new place to live.
   So on  behave of Karen and me Sharon K , I would love for you to leave a comment and please become a follower of Amelia Rose Cottage.    You will never know what the next chapter will hold in store for all if you do not come back and visit my little cottage.
  I will show you corners of my home, share special treasures that I find at that special thrift store and just dream about all the lovely places that I will visit as I get to know many of my sorority sisters through this wonderful world known as blog.
                                    Till Later
                                                   A Bloggerette Sister,
                                                       Sharon K


  1. I worked with the comment section on this give a way post and I hope it is working right now. I will put the names in the basket for the ones who left comments on my last post.
    Good luck to all who enter the give a way.
    Sharon K

  2. It's working now! YAY!
    I think this is so sweet - you are passing special treasures on to become special for the rest of us.
    I think this is awesome!
    I posted your button on my sidebar to help you spread the word! :)
    Thanks so much for doing this - I think we are all going to have a lot of fun with this newfound Sisterhood.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Karen ~ Some days are diamonds :)

  3. wow what a wonderful thing to do and some special giveaways too. Hugs Sara

  4. Hi very pleased to meet you, I have become a follower of your blog and I too am a Sorority Sister, look forward to visiting again soon, bye for now
    Sally-Anne Russell

  5. I thought that I was following you already, but I guess not. Let me know if I am on the list 2x's.

    I'd love a chance at being drawn for your give-a-way, please put my name in the basket!

  6. Yay, I'm glad I checked back! The vintage photo is just fabulous! What a wonderful giveway . . . treasures from your home to a new home!

    Have a wonderful evening!!

    Your Sassy Sorority Sista!

  7. Hi. I am a sorority sister and a follower or your blog. I love the items you have chosen for your give away. Look forward to visiting again.

  8. Hi there Sharon and sorority sister! It was nice visiting your blog. I have become a follower and hope to get to know you better! Great giveaway! Hugs!

  9. Oooh, put my name in please. I am following sister...and congrats on the Hoosier. I love them but have no room for one...I will enjoy yours from afar!!

  10. This wonderful of you to share with us.
    Theresa N

  11. Glad to meet you Sister. I will become a follower. Come visit me as well. So nice of you to have a give a way.

  12. Sharon
    What a wonderful and lovely blog. I loved reading about things that you enjoy in life and was Happy to become a follower. I am having a contest next week so come as follow me as well. Thanks for putting my name in your hat and giving me a chance to win something so lovely. Kath' at

  13. Dear Sharon,

    What a delight to meet another sister in our wonderful new sorority! You have a beautiful blog filled with lots of love and wonderful creations. I love the "book" you are writing! Thanks for the chance to win something special from you! :-)

    I signed up to follow you so I can more easily visit you in the future and I invite you to join me over at Create With Joy!


  14. What a beautiful blog! Of course, hitting the Follow button was a given, so now I'm a follower, and am throwing my name in the hat and crossing my fingers. =oD

    The Sorority is such a lovely idea. Smiling at the thought of all my new Seestas!

  15. I just love treasures and would adore yours! Please enter me. I love your blog and am a following sorority sister!

    God Bless!

  16. Hello. I am a new member of the Bloggerette Sorority! I am making my rounds to meet each "lady" of our sisterhood. Please visit me @


I love to read your comments so please say hi, I will be over to visit your blog very soon.
Thank you,
Sharon K