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Friday, July 9, 2010

Look What I Found...

I have been looking for a Hoosier cabinet for ever and last week there was a sale down the street with every thing vintage and wonderful. I could not belief it when I saw the cabinet, I called Charlie and he said go for it. I  worked on getting the price down but she was firm with the price of $400.00 which I agreed on.
The cabinet is now sitting in my dining room looking quite grand in its splendor.  This picture would have been better if I also would have been standing straight., I think I need a tripod for my pictures    It was such fun to decorate I had a lot of old tins and vintage items to use also looking forward to the seasonal decorations I can use in the fall and winter months..   I should not even think about the up coming months, and just enjoy the cabinet in the good old summer time.   
 I have so much storage in the cabinet which I need living in a small condo.  We have 2 bedrooms and two baths with an open kitchen, living room and dining room. with a small sun room.  I was worried about the size of the cabinet but knew I could make it work some how.
  I will be back soon with pictures of the other rooms in my little cottage.
   Till Later.           Sharon K


  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful story, it's good when you find something you've always wanted and unexpectedly too.
    The pictures are great.
    A pleasure to read.

  2. It looks cool Mom!

  3. OMG! Love it! I love it when something just literally appears out of nowhere and it's just meant to be! it looks so pretty in it's new home!
    Thanks for sharing this! Karen

  4. Hi!!!

    I love this!!! I tried to leave a comment on your newest post but for some reason Blogger won't let me! I have become a follower!! I 'll be baaaaackkkk tomorrow!!

    Your Sassy Sorority Sista!!!

  5. It looks beautiful Sharon! You home is so full of warmth and welcoming charm. Love it!

    I'm so happy we are *sisters*. What a neat society to be a part of.

    Have a fantastic week!
    ~Melissa :)

  6. Sister Sharon, What a nice idea. I'm sorry I could not get the comment button to work on your latest post. I'll be back. You may want to come check out my blog we are trying to start an ATC swap wit the sister's participating.

  7. hoosier cabinets are so rare. i always used to drool over them, but finally gave you've piqued my interest again! :)


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