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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just a few of my favorite VINTAGE treasures..................

    Hi....      to every one out there in blog land that like all things vintage. Thank you to the Colorado Lady for having a place where we can all visit and see each others treasures.  Above is a picture of a set of glasses and pitcher that is 125 years old.  It has had a special place in my home because my late Mother In Law gave it to me many years ago.  The next picture is a old silver set that belonged to one of my Aunts.and became a treasured item to me.

I made the china doll 25 years ago, not quite vintage yet, but some day my grandchildren will know that a grandma 100 years ago made it. for them.   ( I hope some one one day will think a china doll is cool )
     Also above another way I use old family pictures to decorate.    The pictures on each side of the rose picture are of my Mother when when was a wee little girl, the others are my grandparents.  

  I am trying to get back in to the blogging circle but sometimes fell like no one out there knows I am here.  I will try to get more involved and hope to become a part of a wonderful group of people who I so enjoy.
   Later        Sharon K


  1. Beautiful antique things you've shown us today! I love your china doll.

    Hugs XX

  2. I enjoyed each thing you featured today. The little doll is the cutest. Do not be discourages with blogging. It helps me make it through the day. However, I do not have anyone but me at home, so I have more time to devote to it. When you have a family it could not be easy. The more you visit and comment, the better exposure, and more visits in return.

  3. WOW i can't believe you made her..she's adorable!!

  4. Oh, your china doll is just wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing her with us!! The set from your late MIL is just beautiful too, very special I am sure. Happy VTT!!!

  5. I enjoyed seeing your family heirlooms and doll.

  6. You have some lovely treasures there. It amazes me when glass lasts so long. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Beautiful treasures. My mother in law loved to make china dolls. Yours is very lovely.


  8. The doll is so beautiful! "Someone" is going to treasure her, very much.

  9. You have such wonderful treasures. Thank you for your encouragement on my Teal blog. Living with cancer is no fun sometimes, but it is living!! You should join into some the different would get more visitors..a good way to get "out" there.


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