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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Out Door the good old summer time

Hi and welcome to Out Door Wednesday sponsored by pond now has ice on it so I though I would go back to the good old summer time and dream just a little.  Charlie and I came home from Florida early because his cancer seems much worse, want to have the Cancer Center in our area of Ohio check things out.  He will have many tests on Friday so please send prayers our way.   Having this blog helps just a little, it gives me some thing to think about beside the big C.   I will find a few more pictures for out door wednesday and thanks for stopping at Amelia Rose Cottage.


  1. Will be praying for a good report for your Charlie.Blogging does get your mind of other things doesn't it.

  2. Sharon , I am so sorry about your husband , it was 3 years March 4th That mine passed. Yes the best thing right now is to keep busy. I can't say that it will get better , but you do get use to it. Keep active , do the things you love and hold your family near. Just know there are others out there that know how you feel.

  3. Hi, I am Joy. Nice to meet you. I have to say that I am in love with Sir Winston! Have a Happy Day!-Joy

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  5. forever ahhh, nevermind! I miss read what you said. My fault, youre wanting those status messages synced up with your phones contacts so it displays it. Gotcha, yeah that would be cool, but I dont mind much to not have that (yet).


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